7 Tips to Save on Tech Accessories

We immediately run out and buy the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, tablets, and VR machines. We need to preserve our tech investments with accessories that compliment and protect them. It is expensive to buy high-fashion, new accessories for all our devices. So how do you buy your favorite accessories while maintaining your budget? Read below to find out.

Choose Wisely

Many major retailers carry some sort of tech accessory. You can find iPhone cases in almost every store, anywhere from your local superstore to Best Buy. With the latest tech accessories being so readily available, you become tempted to buy everything ‘cute.’ Avoid this buyers’ trap by selectively shopping.

Only buy what you absolutely need. Avoid buying too many inexpensive accessories, instead try to buy items at least $15 and over. The quality will be a little better, which makes them more durable and extends their shelf life. However, do not buy cases that are too expensive, because you may want to spread your tech accessory budget on a few case options, especially if you like to match your phone with your outfit.

Subscribe to Daily Deal Sites

Daily deal sites grant you 24-hour access to a limited supply of items that are discounted by 50 percent or more. Groupon is one of the most popular daily deal sites. All of these sites regularly offer discounted accessories for your tech devices. Avoid missing a deal by signing up to receive daily emails, or checking the sites at least once a day.

Save time by bookmarking Groupon’s electronics section, which is where you find deals on devices and their accessories.

Shop the Clearance Aisle

Tech accessories like smartphone cases are sold at a wide range of retailers. Shop department stores, superstores, online retailers, and electronics stores for a medium selection of tech accessories on clearance. For a wide clearance selection, shop device accessory specialty stores, such as a mall kiosk or an online store.

Make Your Own

Learn the basics of knitting and sewing. Ask a family member to teach you or use an online tutorial website. Check Etsy, Youtube, and knitting websites for inspiration. Purchase some fabrics or yarns to create a basic iPad or Kindle sleeve.

Follow Discount Blogs and Websites

Follow blogs and websites that focus on scanning the internet for all the latest electronic deals. A few popular ones to follow are Ben’s Bargains, Brad’s Deals, Tech Bargains, and Slick Deals. Like the daily deal sites, many of these deals sell out fast, so be ready to buy as soon as the deals happen.

Use Coupons

Search Groupon’s coupon page for over 25,000 daily coupons at over 11,000 stores. These savings work at tech stores as well as high profile retailers such as Kate Spade. These coupons help make your tech accessory purchases even cheaper. Before finalizing a purchase, check Groupon to see if there is any discounts that you can apply to your current cart.

Use Student Discounts

Many major tech companies, including Apple and Dell, offer special discounts for students. You just need a student I.D or access to your university email to use these discounts. Sometimes Apple’s student deals include free Apple accessories, such as headphones and speakers. It also may include a major discount on them.

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