How Modern Gadgets Have Made Difference To The World

The impact of science and technology has been profound as far as our daily lives are concerned. Today it is virtually impossible to think about leading a normal life without the various inventions of modern day science and technology. Whether it is banking, medicine, trade and commerce, entertainment, sports and news there is hardly any doubt that the role of these technologies is indeed extremely important and indispensable. Those belonging to the modern day world seemingly do not seem to understand this impact because they have been exposed to all the good things from day one.

However, this was not the case even around six to seven decades ago, when the first seed of technological and scientific revolution was being sown. The importance of modern day scientific inventions and gadgets can be best understood by those who were born in an era where these were not available. Hence it would be worthwhile to pick up a few such devices and then try and compare with life as it was when these inventions were not around. This will give us a better idea as to the importance and significance of these devices and how they could have made a big difference.

The Telecom Revolution

While many of us talk about the computer revolution, we must keep in mind that the telecom revolution is something that has brought about a lot of changes. Hence it would be interesting to know how it has changed our lives once for all. Even 50 years back communicating through voice was quite a task and we had to depend totally on the land lines of fixed telephone lines as they are called. However, within the past 30 years things have drastically changed and today the small little gadget called the mobile phone has virtually brought about massive changes in the way in which we conduct our lives. Today communication is no longer a big headache and we can be in touch with almost anyone, anywhere across the world. It has gone a long way in transforming business, commerce, entertainment and various other things. Today it would be impossible to run out daily lives without this small piece of latest gadgets in our hands. In fact many of us have more than one just in case one is not enough!

The Downsides To It

However, on the other side of the spectrum there are some downsides as far as this technology is concerned. Today many children and even adults spend hours at length with their hand held devices, computers, laptops and other such things. They become obsessed with it and are responsible for precious loss of man hours and productive time. It also could be the reason for many unwanted accidents and other such things.


At the end of the day while not denying the fact that the role of these devices is extremely important and even indispensable, we should know how to use them judiciously and properly without which the downsides may soon catch up with the benefits of these technological and scientific inventions.

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