How treating water improves our children’s future

Even 3rd percent of the world consists on water, still, lack of fresh water is one of the biggest issues of human beings and that is because the available water is salty and unhygienic and is has become that way because of the irresponsibility of greatest industrialists and many normal people. Industrialists leave the unhygienic oils and chemicals to water lacks and rivers and that poisoned the water. It is not that all the industrialist are doing the same, many big countries have strict rules and regulations about that but there are still some countries where people are doing this, whether there is no law about it and people are not aware of this wrongdoing. Many people are wasting water for stupid reasons, they leave their water taps on while they are having bath or using water for other purposes and that is another big reason for the lack of water. Water scarcity is the specific word that people use for this problem.

Because this problem has been increased so much worldwide that millions of people are facing poverty, in many countries like South Africa and many parts of America people are dying of dangerous diseases. The reason is that they are forced to drink dirty and unhygienic water and they are forced to use that water for agriculture and food industry because there is no fresh water available and the dirty water is causing killing diseases.

To solve this issue, desalination technology has been introduced. This industry is working from decades but in last 30 years, this technology has actually successes to take a control over these problems. It is a fact that the results are not so big but because of the success people are investing billions in this industry and its results are growing faster and faster. This technology helps to turn salt water into fresh and drinking water, this water can be sea water or brackish water. Desalination of sea water is expensive than brackish water but brackish water is very limited and it is thought that it will not be able to help in upcoming years.

Many people are also using Produced Water Treatment Technologies to resolve the problem. There are many people who are not aware of this technology and how this works. To produce gas and oil, there is a great requirement of water and this technology helps to reproduce the water that has been used for oil and gas production. This water gets cleaned and people use different methods to remove all the unhygienic and unhealthy chemicals from it. This water can be used for food industries and agriculture industries. The scarcity of water has pushed people to come up with this solution. Produced water is conventionally treated through different physical, chemical, and biological processes. These processes take place mostly on offshore platforms because of the requirement of large space and use of chemicals systems. There is another reason why people are using this technology to control on water problem and that is because it is cost effective and cheap than other technologies.

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