Reasons Why You Should Introduce Flash Storage in Your Business

Premio Inc. Flash Storage Servers are built to power the future of IT. They are engineered to meet high-performance storage requirements like operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, ultra-low latency, and reliability. Moreover, the flash storage can benefit your business and data center in numerous ways.

It is true that the data is the livelihood of any business. The way it will be treated, stored, accessed and managed can differentiate between success and failure. It is important to choose better performance standards and superior scalability that can hasten your way to success.

Flash wins whenever running multiple applications whether in a heterogeneous environment or a multi-tenancy environment.

Have a look at these points that describes how flash storage can pump up your business.

Big Data Analytics

No business can grow in the market place and cannot stand out of the crowd without analyzing their business insights. Just as the data continues to grow with the time, 87% of the enterprises believe that big data can redefine their competitive landscapes.

To gain more profits and values, companies rely on big data analytics that helps them in improving operational efficiencies, customer engagement, and gets a chance to find new opportunities.

MIT proves that flash servers are cheaper for big data than and as fast as RAM.

Greater Performance

An addition of flash to your business storage environment can significantly improve the performance of all your databases and applications. In fact, research by IBM stated that the use of 5% of a flash layer in your storage environment could increase the level of performance by 300%.

As mobile and apps have become very important to the lines of business, the criteria of data speed on which business users’ access has also become crucial.

Flash allows you to virtualize your current storage data behind the layer of flash. It also has the capability to move the less utilized data into spinning disks, and at last, can be archived either in cloud or tape.

Dropping Costs

Doesn’t matter you are running a business on a small scale or big scale the need of flash is in every field. Due to the higher demand of flash by consumers and enterprise, the cost of flash storage has plummeted at an incredible rate. Now, it has become affordable for every enterprise to buy a flash storage server.

Regardless of cost, you will be amazed to see that how flash storage servers’ benefit your business in numerous ways.

Data compression

With the help of flash-based storage, you can significantly lessen the data storage that your enterprise requires. The flash storage server is faster than the traditional hard drives and this is why you have a lot to do with your data. It also permits to integrate inline compression and real-time reduplication. Thus, this feature makes you reduce the storage requirements at least by 50% to 80%. Numerous people out of Southern California prefer flash storage systems over the traditional systems.


Now, it’s a time to introduce flash into your business as you are not supposed to experience a full forklift promotion to get advantage from flash technology. However, you can take a more staged approach regarding flash. But, the flash has that agility and power that every businessperson looks for in this modern competitive marketplace.

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