Weird Factors that Affect Your Tea

It’s hard to be a casual tea drinker when there are so many flavors and types of tea to enjoy. Tea is also becoming more popular among Millennials who enjoy exotic types of tea instead of just plain black leaves. It’s disappointing to spend money on some delicious tea only to accidentally ruin it. Watch out for these four strange factors that affect your tea experience.

1. Heat. It sounds strange, but it’s possible to burn tea. Different types of tea taste best and have the best effects when they’re steeped at the right temperature. It’s more than just a matter of pouring boiling water over leaves. Black tea, for example, tastes the best when it’s steeped in water that’s just below boiling temperature. More delicate leaves, on the other hand, need cooler water. These teas include white tea and many popular herbal teas. Cups like those sold on ensure your tea is kept at the right heat.

2. Brewing time. If you leave your tea bag or leaves in your cup the whole time you’re drinking it, you’re not having the best cup. Steeping tea for too long makes it bitter because the leaves release more tannins. Tannins are chemicals found in black tea that don’t just add a bitter taste but can also trigger headaches. Although they do have some health benefits, there’s no point in steeping your tea until all of the tannins have dissolved. Besides, if you remove your tea bag at the right time, you could even reuse it for another cup.

3. Your mug. There’s nothing worse than room temperature tea. Traditional tea cups and kettles release a lot of heat. Even topped mugs or thermos-style cups can radiate too much. The newest trend in tea drinking is heated mugs and cups that maintain a steady temperature. These heated mugs also quickly drop down the temperature so you can drink your tea right away without scalding your mouth. With this new beverage tech, every sip is the same so you don’t have to gulp down your drink. The right temperature also keeps the tea’s flavor at its strongest.

4. Storage. Just like coffee, how you store your tea matters. As tea oxidizes, it starts to break down and the leaves lose their taste. This happens faster when you don’t store your tea properly. The best place to keep your tea so it stays fresher for longer is in an airtight metal tin. You also want to keep the tea dry or you risk it growing mold, which can be toxic. Don’t just keep boxes of bagged teas sitting in your cabinet where they can be exposed to air and sunlight.

Next time you brew a steaming cup of tea, don’t ruin it by making a foolish mistake. Keep it at the right temperature for the right amount of time and don’t let it go to waste sitting around in your kitchen. Enjoy your tea the right way and drink it more often!

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